Repair & Maintenance of Alternating Highway NH-208(A) during fuel crisis

Tripura is a land lock state surrounded on three sides by Bangladesh. It has NH-44 Assam Agartala highway road also called as "Life line of Tripura" and alternative highway NH-208(A) called as Kathaltali highway. Due to heavy rain and poor condition of NH-44, the main National Highway was shutdown from 18th July to 21st July, 2016 resulting in to shortage of supply fuel and others essential commodities into the rest of the Tripura. Similarly, alternative highway NH-208(A) was in very bad condition which required massive repair. From 18th July to 21st July, 2016 due to heavy rain both highways was shutdown creating huge problem for the state. During this period NH-208(A) from Assam PWD was handed over to NHIDCL, Govt. of India undertaking. On 22ndJuly 2016 9.00AM, Director, NHIDCL had visited NH-208(A) along with District Magistrate & Collector, North Tripura, General Manager, NHIDCL, Deputy General Manager, NHIDCL and Executive Engineer, PWD (R&B) Dharmanagar Division. Considering this situation, it was decided that to avoid further worsening of the situation in the state to take up the repair work on war-footing on urgent repair of the 18KM from Kathaltali to Chandkira alternative highway. We are herewith disclosing the infromaton regarding urgent repair work done on Kathaltali Highway NH-208(A) inside assam 20 km portion by North tripra District Administration to resolve massive fuel crisis in the month of July.

Proactive disclosure of information regarding urgent repair of Kathathali National Highway NH-208(A) inside Assam 20km portion by North Tripura District Administration to resolve massive fule crisis in the month of july